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Income Tax Services
Circle City Taxes, Inc. can meet all of your Tax needs.
Q. - What if my income tax is for a state other than North Carolina,
can Circle City Taxes, Inc. still help or do it?
A. - You Bet!!  We can do Income Taxes for ALL States.
Direct  Deposit
Want refund Fast and Secure?

Circle City Taxes, Inc.  can do it.
Your refund from the IRS deposited
directly to your bank account, no extra fees.
No "lost in the mail" problems!
Generally in 9-16 days.
Get Your Refund on a VISA
Debit Card.
No worries trying to cash refund check.

Circle City Taxes, Inc. can do it.
EPS Financial can provide your refund to
you by:

VISA debit card
Direct deposit to your account
Check available at Circle City  Taxes, Inc
Self E-File your "Simple"
return for FREE
Are you a DIY…Do It Yourself??

Yes, Circle City Taxes, Inc. can help you
with that project.  You can electronically file
and get help along the way.

Don’t want to invest big bucks for a
software program to file a more complex
return?  We can arrange that too.  Very little
investment on your part and help if you
need it!!
What a deal!

For prices on "Basic" & "Deluxe" & "State"
tax returns just click on the banner below
and be connected to our licensed software
and do your own
Self E-File.
As an authorized IRS E-File provider,
Circle City Taxes, Inc. can do it for you.

Bring in your W-2 and other information.  
We will file your return electronically and
your refund can be deposited in your bank
account in 9 to 16 days or in your mail box
in 19 to 26 days.
File by Mail
Remember the “good ol’ days” when you
filled out the papers and they were mailed
 We have not forgotten.

Circle City Taxes, Inc. can do it! Yes, we
still will prepare the paper work and return
envelope needed for you to file by mail.
IRS Representation
Need IRS representation??

Circle City Taxes, Inc. can arrange it.
Your situation will be evaluated and a
resolution offered.

An agent can also prepare an Offer In
Compromise.  If you need professional
interface with the IRS, the agent will
arrange it and negotiate the best possible
"Call us for all your Tax needs"
Phone : 1-910-594-1040
Mailing Address :
Circle City Taxes, Inc.
201 Raleigh Street
P.O. Box 777
Newton Grove, NC
EPS Tax Deposit Account
Don’t have money to file??  No problem!

Circle City Taxes, Inc. can do it.
We can file and have your filling fee
deducted from your refund.

Refunds generally available in 9-16 days.
Dependents In Mexico Or
Need a tax ID number to claim
your dependents in
Mexico or Canada?

Circle City Taxes, Inc. can do that for you!
We prepare form
W-7 and have an on-site
to expedite the process.

An additional dependent may add $800 to
your tax refund.
File Amended Tax Return
Oops!  Did you forget something on your
return or got a late

Circle City Taxes, Inc. can fix it.
We will file an amended return for you.

Call or E-mail us for more
Information on any of our
Services or Fees
Si Hablamos Espanol

Circle City Taxes, Inc.
201 Raleigh Street
P.O. Box 777
Newton Grove, NC 28366

PH # 1-910-594-1040
Fax 1-910-594-1920

Mon-Fri   9am-8pm
Sat  9am-5pm